About Me

I am an MBA from Paris having decades of business experience as well as deep knowledge & experience in Indian Astrology & Spirituality.

I combine my business acumen with the knowledge of the charts & spirituality to help you find an answer to a lot of professional and personal questions in the private 1:1 coaching sessions. It is not about some future telling but I go deep into the personality.  

What I am more concerned about is the more real and personal problems an individual faces & also the causes & solutions behind them – “What kind of work I would really enjoy & why?”, “What are the areas that I can excel in?”, “How should my company progress?”, “What makes me really happy?”, “Why am I not satisfied?”, “Why is my relationship with my partner strained?”, “What is the kind of partner I want & why?”, & so on.

My focus area is Personality Analysis through Indian Natal Charts. I help you identify and analyse who you are at the most fundamental level. I then use this to understand how they impact different areas of your life like relationships, career, money, health, etc. 
I help tie this all together by giving practical steps/solutions to realize your personal & professional goals.
This is also the reason why I don’t do much future telling because the future can change. And you can change it to the way you want. 

My offerings


Personal development. Improve decision making. Problem solving.


Goal achievement. Attract abundance. Manage relationships.


Personal power. Improve health. Achieve peace & happiness.

What else I offer?

Diverse Techniques

Coaching through Indian Astrology - Jyotish, Karma Yoga, Meditation, Visualization, etc. Therapy through Reiki.

Global coverage

In-person sessions, group seminars, & courses anywhere in the world or virtually.

Multiple Languages

Communication in English, Spanish, Hindi, & French (conversational).

Interview on India at National University of Cordoba, Argentina, 2012

What my clients say

Vivek's analysis was spot on & he helped me to find some answers I was looking for. Moreover, his guidance through his knowledge of spirituality, astrology and business management helped me to start my new venture. 

Sudarshan Gangrade
Founder, Lo! Foods, India

Tuve el placer y honor de participar con Vivek en varias conferencias y exposiciones sobre aspectos culturales, económicos y filosóficos de la India y cómo aplicar los mismos no sólo en la vida profesional sino también personal.

Su amplia visión de la vida, dada por su profundo conocimiento, basado en las lecturas de la Carta Natal Hindú, capacitaciones formales y por su curiosidad y amplio networking internacional, le dan un valor agregado trascendente para poder aportar miradas y apreciaciones que impactan muy favorablemente en la vida de las personas.

Podría decir que en mi vida personal hubo un antes y un después, luego de conectar los puntos que Vivek pudo hacerme ver a través de su sabiduría, comentarios, consejos, charlas y apoyo bibliográfico.

Claudio Lomello
Consultor Senior y Profesor, Argentina

Mi querido Vivek, es una persona realmente espiritual que logra conectarse con tu ser. Vivek, a través de diferentes métodos como la lectura de la carta natal Hindú, logra ver tu esencia y con su explicación permite entenderte más. 

María de los Ángeles Cáceres
Consultora de empresas Familiares, Argentina


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