• Know your true passion & purpose
  • Improve personality to achieve your goals quickly
  • Use inner strengths for personal wellness & development
  • Improve clarity, creativity, communication, & concentration
  • Attract abundance & build healthy relationships
  • Confront weaknesses & overcome them, converting them into strengths
  • Resolve problems & manage better life’s changes & challenges
  • Be confident in any situation & improve your self-esteem
  • Achieve goals & resolve issues relating to relationships, money, work, family, health, etc
  • Feel more love, freedom, happiness, peace, awareness, & aliveness
  • Choose the right education
  • Choose the right career path – business/job, sector, function, etc
  • Achieve business targets on time
  • Improve decision making & take decisions quickly
  • Manage the finances – Invest better, repay the debt, etc
  • Select the right partners or investors
  • Manage staff better – Whom to hire & where to place
  • Position your product & service in the right category
  • Eliminate stress & learn from other negative emotions
  • Improve internal & external communication
Session Details:
  • Each session’s duration is 1 hour.
  • I will need full birth details like full birth date, birth time & full name.
  • We will have a video call through Google Meet or Whatsapp. 
  • You can record the session in audio for your reference. 
  • I strongly recommend having a shower in the morning of the day of the session or just before the session. 
  • If you smoke or drink, please have an interval of 8 hours between the smoking, for eg., & the session. 
  • If you are where I am living or traveling then we can meet physically to have a session. If required & if it is possible then I can travel domestically or internationally for the sessions, after adequate compensation for my time & effort. I am primarily based in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Please contact me 1 week in advance before the tentative session date.
  • I recommended having 3 sessions to reach the depths of the personality & resolve the issues. You can book up to 10 sessions at once. I have discounts for 3 or more sessions if paid for in lump sum in advance.
  • I see the karma of the person. Their strengths, weaknesses, challenges, passions, etc, in this life.
  • Then I usually give practical, simple, & cheap solutions but very powerful & spiritual in essence.  
  • I can also give you certain tasks & will review your progress during the course of 3 sessions or more. You can share your learnings, challenges, doubts, fears, worries, etc over the course of the sessions. 
  • The sessions are interactive. If you have some very specific questions you can send them in advance.  
  • The goal of the session is that you fulfill your dreams, resolve your issues, & be happy.
  • Please consult for the charges, the currency, & the mode of payment.
  • I accept payments in USD, CAD, Euro, GBP, SGD, AUD, NZD, INR.
  • The fees must be paid in advance. And it can’t be in installments. 
  • The fees must be paid in full & it should reach me in full, after deducting any transaction fees involved for both parties. 
  • Only after the fees is paid, I can confirm the session’s date & timing.
  • Please send me your Whatsapp number & email to coordinate the session.
  • Due to a heavy work schedule, I can’t respond to follow-up questions unless you want another session to discuss them. 
  • Please contact using the contact details mentioned in the footer. You can also send me a message at my Whatsapp number: +1 647 250 5259. 
  • My main tool is Indian Astrology – Jyotish & other powerful Hindu spiritual techniques like Karma Yoga. I focus on Personality Analysis through Natal Chart of a person.
  • Please refer to the “Terms & Conditions” in the footer before booking the session.
  • Thank you & Namaste!

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